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Zanjeer(Toofan) Movie Review


Whenever we see a remake film, we get sticky eyes, critical about the remake and the original movies. In the same lines, when the movie Zanjeer has been announced, many film critics thought the movie shares same fate as other popular remakes of bollywood, Sholay, Don and Agneepath. Then the movie slowly managed to grab the attention with the trailers. Surprisingly, 'Zanjeer' got the things right and perfectly right.

It is completely wrong to say that all remakes will fail to impress the audience. "Sholay" by Ram Gopal Varma, left strong impression on the movie critics and audiences that remakes will not stand upto the benchmark set by the original versions of the movie. Also "Agneepath" by Karan Malhotra which portrays unnecessay cruelty is another example.

However, Apoorva Lakhia's Zanjeer which is different but respectful of the original material has successfully changed this notion about the remake movies.

Mr. Bachchan's role as police in the original version is impeccable. However, in its new incarnation, Inspector Vijay Khanna lived upto the expectations, as a bollywood's new Angry Young Man. Zanjeer reflects the order of the day in today's mafia in the country. With this success, Zanjeer joins the likes of Policegiri hits
Dabbang, Singham etc. Ram Charan Teja must be lucky for being part of the remake.

Priyanka Chopra played as NRI girl, Mala. His zest for life was well written. Action sequences were well directed and makes positive impact. To get the most attention to the action sequences is commendable.

Sanjay Dutt's Pran part was well-made. Though his screen presence is limited, he manages to make an impact.
Though there has been none who could play Mr.Bachchan's role and impress, this remake is a daring attempt. Ram Charan debuts with a good one in bollywood!
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